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Alatas News
BLM Windlass - Electrical system overhaul


BLM Windlass - Electric system overhaul during dry docking
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crane control system | new-plc-configuration

MELCAL Knuckle Boom Crane Refurbishment
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Alatas Crane Services Worldwide


Alatas Awarded Contract
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crane control system | new-plc-configuration

Crane Control System | New PLC Configuration
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five yearly crane re-certification

Five yearly re-certification
[read more]

hydramarine telescopic crane

Hydramarine crane - Hydraulic leak investigation and repair [read more]

Unit Manitex ML 2400 Crane Refurbishment

Unit Manitex ML 2400 Crane Refurbishment

Nippon Pusnes Mooring Winch Repairs

Nippon Pusnes Mooring Winch Repairs [read more]

Alatas Offshore Crane Rental

Offshore rental cranes from Alatas

Denison Premier P260 System Pump Overhaul

Denison Premier P260 System Pump Overhaul

Alatas Crane Services Worldwide have secured a nine month contract with a subsea engineering service company for the removal and installation of 17 cranes onboard the Marjan & Zuluf fields

CBW Boom Head Replacement

Philmarine 2018

Alatas will exhibit at The 5th PHILMARINE 2018 Exhibition - 27th to 29th June 2018

Tsuji hoist winch gearbox changeout

Hoist winch gearbox failure on Tsuji deck crane

Crane overhaul Philippines

Philippines - Full overhaul of two Liebherr container cranes and installation on a new vessel

Crane Revamp

Crane revamp - Including replacement of Crane Control System, Crane Operator Cabin and Winches

Bintan Shipyard Services

ALATAS Singapore is offering Ship Repair Services

Reactivatiopn of Pipe Laying Multipurpose Vessel

Alatas Crane Management System

Alatas Middle East - Alatas Crane Management System

TTS Huahui Hatch Cover Troubleshooting and Repair services

Alatas Singapore - TTS Huahui Hatch Cover Troubleshooting and Repair services

Replacement of LICCON Crane Control System

Alatas Middle East - Replacement of LICCON Crane Control System

SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul

Alatas Middle East - Overhaul of four SMAG motor grabs


Alatas Middle East - Crane Upgrade for Personal Transport/Transfer (Man Riding)

NMF 200t heavy crane overload test

Alatas Singapore - Overload Test of NMF Heavy Lift Crane

National OS435 - Complete Crane Overhaul

Alatas Middle East - Complete overhaul of a National OS435 HD crane

Overhaul of Luffing Cylinders on a Appleton Offshore Crane

Alatas Singapore - Overhaul of Luffing Cylinders on a Appleton Offshore Crane


Alatas Singapore - Liebherr CBW crane - Luffing cylinder bearing repair

braden winch changeout

Alatas Singapore - Braden winch changeout

Alatas UK and Grupo Simples Oil Angola Partnership

Alatas UK Ltd - Alatas UK announce Angola partnership with Grupo Simples Oil

AHC Crane re-commissioning

Alatas Singapore - AHC Crane - Base column flange repair, slewing bearing overhaul & crane re-commissioning

Luffing winch removal, overhaul and installation on a Liebherr BOS 50 offshore crane

Alatas Hong Kong - New LMI system installation for Vermeer crane YCR-40

Alatas Singapore - Windlass repairs with mobile A-Frame as lifting aid

Alatas Singapore - Five Yearly Special Perodic Service

Flow Meter Refurbishment

Alatas Hong Kong - Flow Meter Refurbishment

Luffing Cylinder Hinge Bearings Repairs

Alatas Singapore - Crane luffing cylinder hinge bearing repairs

Alatas Hong Kong Cargo Cranes Overhaul

Alatas Hong Kong - Complete overhaul of cargo cranes

NOV Equipment Overhaul

NOV Equipment overhaul by Alatas Marine Engineering Singapore

MacGregor Deck Crane Load Testing

Alatas Singapore - MacGregor deck crane load testing

Alatas Hong Kong Boom Repairs

Alatas Hong Kong - Repairs to damaged boom

Rexroth Motor Maintenance

Alatas Hong Kong - Inspection and Maintenance of Rexroth Motor

Kawasaki Deck refurbishment

Alatas Indonesia - Kawasaki deck crane refurbishment

IHI winch motor refurb

Alatas Hong Kong - Refurbishment of IHI winch motor.

Rexroth Pump Overhaul

Alatas Hong Kong - Overhaul of Rexroth pump

Boom Hinge Repairs

Alatas Singapore - Boom hinge repairs on a Liebherr deck crane type CBB 24(30)/26.

Philmarine 2017

Alatas will exhibit at The 4th PHILMARINE 2017 Exhibition from 12th to 14th July.

Main Shaft Repair

Alatas Singapore - PUSNES Windlass Main Shaft Repairs on Anchorage.

Boom Repair

Complete Overhaul of Crane Boom.

Accident Repair of Tsuji Deck Crane Boom

Alatas Singapore - Accident Repair of Tsuji Deck Crane Boom.

Boom FEA

North Sea - Crane Boom Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Boom repair on IHI Deck Crane

Alatas Singapore - In-situ boom repairs on IHI deck crane.

Accident Repairs on Deck Crane Rope Sheave Assembly

Alatas Singapore - Accident Repairs on Deck Crane Rope Sheave Assembly.

Offshore Crane Upgrade

ALATAS Offshore Crane Upgrades - Order Announcement!

Electric Motor Replacement

Alatas Singapore replace electric motor on a IHI deck crane.

Guven Grab

Guven Grab Assembly & Commissioning.

Crane Overhaul

Alatas Middle East - Complete overhaul, manufacturing of crane operator cabin and installation of
re-wiring kit.

Philippine 2017 Exhibition

Alatas will exhibit at the 9th Philippine Ports and Shipping 2017 Exhibition from the 23rd to the 24th of February.

PVG 32 Control Valve Block

Hose Handling Crane - Overhaul of PVG 32 Control Valve Block.

Rope Sheave Bearing Replacement

Liebherr Deck Crane - Replacement of Rope Sheave Bearing.

TEREX Service Training Course

Terex provide service training course on Terex Quadstar Machines.

SPS Survey

Special Periodic Survey (SPS) on Offshore Cranes on Pipe Layer Vessel.

250 ton main hook


Overhaul of 250T main Hook Block of NOV Offshore Crane.


Knuckle Boom Crane

Replacement of Boom Cylinders on 250T NOV Knuckle Boom Crane.

Annual Survey and Certification


Annual Survey and Certification of Marine Cranes on Norwegian Flagged Vessels.


Braden Winches Alatas Hong Kong Ltd are able to offer Braden winches. Luffing


Alatas Singapore - Deck Crane troubleshooting on MacGREGOR TGL 4026-2/3628-2.


Marine Travelift Alatas Hong Kong are now the authorized distributor for Marine Travelift and Shuttlelift in China. Training


CLP Power Hong Kong Limited have completed the Appointed Person Training course in Alatas Hong Kong Training Centre.


Training Alatas Hong Kong Ltd offers Appointed Person training course according to Standard BS7121 (The Safe Use of Cranes). Gantry Crane
Location: Norway | Jan-Mar, 2016

ALATAS complete a full refurbishment and upgrade work scope on a Landel Inc. 20 ton pipe handling gantry crane.


Grab accident repairs

Grab accident repairs carried out by Alatas Singapore.

Change Slewing Bearing and load test Kyoritsu Kikai Provision Crane

Change Slewing Bearing and load test Kyoritsu Kikai Provision Crane.

Huisman winch overhaul

Winch overhaul on AHC Crane completed in Kristiansand, Norway.

ILO 152 renewal

Certificate for Test and Thorough Examination of Lifting Appliances, ILO 152.

Crane cabin replacement

Crane cabin replacement, control system installation, boom repair and general repairs.

Safety Logo

Alatas Safety logo has been launched.

Liebherr crane luffing cylinder repairs

Liebherr CBW crane - Removal of Luffing Cylinders for Overhauling /Renewal of all pivot pins, bearings, bush and covers.

Crane control system

Ship crane control system replacement.

Liebherr MTC crane

Liebherr MTC crane inspection and troubleshooting of jerky slew performance.

Dock crane

Critical Dock Crane Recovery after Slew Bearing Flange Welding Failure.

Hagglund crane

Slew Bearing Replacement with Minimum Downtime on MacGreor Hagglunds Gl2524-2.

Searex crane

Commissioning of 210 tons Searex Omnilift Offshore Crane.

MacGregor Crane rope sheave changeout

Jib head rope sheave change out on MacGREGOR Bulker cranes, type GLB 3628-2/2828gr

Hose replacement

Renewal of all hydraulic hoses on both Port and Starboard Offshore Cranes in Nigeria Offshore field

Alatas Norway

Alatas Norway AS opens

Tech Flower service agreement

Alatas Group signed the contract with Tech Flower Co., Ltd to become an authorized Tech Flower Service Station.

Gantry crane removal

ALATAS remove Liebherr Electro-Hydraulic Travelling Gantry Crane from vessel

Crane overload testing ALATAS complete recommissioning on a Liebherr RL12.5
5 year special on RL 1500-20D ALATAS complete the 5 year special on RL 1500-20D Pre dry docking inspection Pre dry docking crane inspection
Crane overload testing Cargo grab crane overload testing Disssambly_Telescopic_Boom_index Crane bumper bars fully protects all lattice crane booms from hook strikes
Published: 30th June 2015
Melcal crane sales ALATAS Sold & Commissioned Melcal Knuckle Boom Crane
Published: 30th June 2015
Disssambly_Telescopic_Boom_index KGW-Luzhou Deck Cranes, Replacement of Hoist Winch Gearbox
Published: 3rd March 2015
Disssambly_Telescopic_Boom_index Overhaul of telescopic boom on Liebherr offshore crane
Published: 26 September 2014
Terex distributor Authorised Terex Cranes Distributor
Published: 24 November 2014
crane-engineering-design-boom-extension Boom extension - OEM no longer exists
Published: 11 September 2014
Crane cabin controls upgrade Crane cabin controls upgrade
Bespoke solutions from Alatas
Published: 11 September 2014
zollern-winch-change-out Zollern Rope Winch Gearbox Change Out on a NMF Deck Crane
Published: 9 September 2014
five-yearly-overhaul Offshore Crane Five Yearly Overhaul
Alatas bring the crane back to life!
Published: 10 September 2014
dismantle-gantry-crane Dismantling of a 140t Gantry Crane - Dragages Bouygues JV XRL 820 site Grab Accessories Install Alatas Singapore - Installation of grab accessories
Tobu Grab Overhaul Tobu Grab Overhauls Motor  grabs for hire Motor Grabs available for hire. Type: MGZL 12000-6-B
Macgregor crane MacGREGOR Crane Sheave Change out Favelle Favco troubleshooting Troubleshooting Favelle Favco PC150 Offshore Crane
SMAG grab repairs Overhaul of Link Belt ABS 218 cranes on Jack-up rig Slewing bearing supply Supply & change-out of Slewing Bearings on 4-Rope Grab Cranes on a Transshipper
SMAG grab repairs Complete Overhaul of 4 pcs SMAG-Peiner Grabs by Alatas Singapore BLM windlass overhaul BLM windlass repairs, replacement of Gipsy Wheel & Bearings, Sembawang S.Y., Singapore
Liebherr crane 240T Liebherr Offshore Crane, refurbishment of Zollern Hoist Winch BLM BLM Windlass overhaul
IHI crane IHI Crane main electric motor change-out Norlift NORSAFE Life Boot Davit repairs & Load testing
Tsuji Comprehensive crane boom repair and crane overhaul on a Tsuji deck crane, type 4525 Norlift NORSAFE Life Boot Davit repairs & Load testing
IHI crane IHI-Wuhan Deck Crane, troubleshooting & change-out IHI hoist motor HVGL-DSS Switch installation Installation of a Selection Switch for Grab or Hook mode on Mitsubishi Cranes
Appleton crane overhaul Overhaul of Appleton API 2C rated Telescopic Offshore Crane Gantry crane installation Installation of the GH 30 ton gantry crane at the Dragages Bouygues joint venture MTR XRL820 Site
Liebherr crane refubishment Liebherr offshore crane refurbishment Crane Commissioning Commissioning of 55t EOT crane for MTR Development
Distribtion gearbox Overhauled of a Niigata distribution gearbox for a Kobelco crane TTS cranes troubleshooting TTS cranes troubleshooting
Hydraulic tunnelling equipment Overhaul of hydraulic tunneling equipment for Gammon Construction Terex crane Installation and commissioning of retrofit LML system for Terex rough terrain crane
Training Alatas Hong Kong holds training for Anglo Eastern Superintendents Harbor mobile crane

Disassembling of a Liebherr Harbour Mobil Crane LHM 400S in Croatia, supervising of loading and storage

Monorail crane repairs Alatas Singapore carry out accident repairs on a Davit International Mono-Rail Crane Alatas UK are exhibiting at the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition in Greece. 4th- 8th June 2012
Alatas Hong Kong will be exhibiting at Deepwater China Convention 2012 24th-25th May in Guangzhou China
See Alatas Americas at OTC2012 30th April - 3rd May in Houston
Hydraulic hose workshops The Alatas Offshore Hose Workshop is includes all the equipment to make complete hose change outs as quick and simple as possible in situ offshore
Alatas Hong Kong are exhibiting at the China Maritime 2012 Exhibition in Hong Kong
Liebherr BOS crane repairs Liebherr BOS 65/550D, BOS 30/300D, MTC 1400/60D crane upgrade and repairs Heat Treatment on Offshore Crane Structures Heat treatment on offshore crane structures
Italgru crane commissioning Italgru knuckleboom crane and rope luffing crane commissioning Crane hoisting gearbox replacement Mitsubishi crane hoisting gearbox replacement
Boom repairs Boom repairs carried out on ship crane Rescue boat crane repairs Slew bearing repairs to a DONGNAM Suez Rescue Boat Crane
Link Belt crane refurbishment and spare parts supply Link Belt crane parts supply, crane refurbishment and testing Winch removal and repairs Winch removal and repairs
Grab sales and commissioning Grab sales and commissioning Boom hinge repair Boom hinge repairs on Kawasaki deck cranes
Crane winch refurbishments Crane winch refurbishments Crane winch refurbishments Crane winch refurbishments in Alatas specialist workshop
Liebherr crane winch replacement Liebherr CBM crane winch replacement Zollern winch refurbishment Zollern winch refurbishment in our specialised engineering workshop
Dongnam boom repairs Dongnam boom repairs carried out at Alatas specialist workshops Grab accident repairs Grab accident repairs onboard a bulker
Liebherr S Type cranes inspection Liebherr S type crane inspection carried out in Europe Cylinder repairs Cylinder repair carried out in Alatas specialist repair workshops.
Special crane Melcal special crane supplied by Alatas for subsea operations. Tsuji crane inspection Tsuji crane inspection carried out in Gibraltar.
Liebherr offshore crane repairs 500t Liebherr offshore crane overhaul supervision and crane certification with DNV in Calisaya South Africa. Tsuji crane winch repairs Tsuji winch refurbishment carried out by Alatas. Reinstallation of winch carried out with other repairs in Europe.
Dock crane repairs
Complete project management and repair of a damaged dock crane that serves two of the largest dock facilities at the yard in Bur Dubai.
See Alatas Americas at OTC2011 May 2-5 in Houston
Norlift crane zollern winch repairs

Norlift crane Zollern winch repairs

Manitowoc 4100 crane refurbishment

Manitowoc 4100 offshore crane complete refurbishment

IHI sheave replacement

IHI Mark II deck crane, model H254200-240, required a broken rope sheaves changeout

Stiebel gearbox repairs

Stiebel gearbox repairs

O&K special twin crane slew bearing replacement O&K special twin crane slew bearing replacement IHI slew bearing changeout

IHI slewing bearing replacement with floating crane

Crane dry docking Hagglund crane repairs carried out during dry docking in Turkey MHI crane boom installation MHI crane boom installation
NMF crane boom hinge bearing manufacture and replacement NMF crane boom hinge bearing manufacture and replacement Crane winch refurbishment Refurbishment of crane winch carried out in our specialised repair and machine workshop.
Liebherr pump distributor gearbox replacement Replacement of pump distributor gearbox on Liebherr S-type crane carried out by Alatas Singapore at Changxing S.Y. Liebherr S type crane slewbearing changeout Replacement of slewing bearing changeout on Liebherr S-type crane in Changxing S.Y.
Retrofitting of Deck Cranes with Motor Grabs Retrofitting of Deck Cranes with Motor Grabs Mitsubishi slew ring changeouts Replacement of 4 x Alatas supplied crane slewing bearings on Mitsubishi deck cranes.
Linde Hydraulics Alatas Middle East are appointed Linde Hydraulics distributors for UAE. Hydraulic cylinder repairs Urgent repairs carried out to Liebherr CBW hydraulic cylinder, Alatas dismantled the cylinder, procured materials, machined and installed a new piston assembly and refitted the cylinder.
Liebherr closing winch repairs Liebherr 4 rope grab crane closing winch removal and installation of Alatas supplied closing winch. NMF crane removal and reinstallation Removal of NMF crane from vessel to allow loading of oversize cargo. Reinstallation of crane 60 days later.
NMF container crane boom repairs Vessel with NMF slim-line container cranes suffered collision damage, the boom had to be repaired in the fastest possible time, as otherwise the vessel would have dropped out of it's charter... Overhaul of 16 hydraulic cylinders on a Liebherr LHM 400 carried out by Alatas Middle East
Redesign of knuckle boom crane Alatas redesign of knuckle boom crane after accident PCB Repairs Alatas Hong Kong carry out PCB repairs in their state of the art electronics workshop
Alatas Hong Kong are exhibiting at the China Maritime 2010 Exhibition in Hong Kong
Alatas UK are exhibiting at the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition in Greece. Stand 438A
Amclyde crane overhaul

1200t Amclyde crane overhaul and re certification with GL in Dubai and Hamburg

Liebherr rope winch repairs Alatas overhauled and installed Rope winches on a Liebherr
4-rope crane
Hagglund crane repairs

Hagglund crane repairs carried out after vessel purchase

SMAG Peiner Grab Repairs

SMAG Peiner grab repairs

MK64 Hydraulic Motor changeout

MacGregor ship crane service attendance to install MK64 hydraulic motor at Singapore anchorage

NMF Crane sheave replacements

Replacement of two NMF crane boom head rope sheaves at Singapore anchorage

Link Belt crane repairs Link Belt offshore crane repair. Supply of Link Belt crane parts and crane testing Grab repairs Electro hydraulic grab repairs and function test
NMF crane repairs NMF crane renewal of both cargo cranes corroded boom end sheaves. Crane static overload test of 110t carried out after repairs Shear leg crane repairs Shear leg crane repairs
MHI crane repairs MHI hoisting winch changeout and repairs Crane load testing Crane load testing and configuration services available
Liebherr cranes dry docking Liebherr cranes dry docking carried out in Turkey IHI crane service IHI crane service, changeout of IHI hydraulic motors
Crane barge repair Repair carried out at Pioneer Yard, Keppel Fels Ltd (Singapore) to troubleshoot and repair the tricky problem of main hoisting winch No-4 (800MT) Huisman crane repair Huisman crane winch overhaul, general check up and S.W.L load test during docking at Singapore Shipyard
North Pacific Crane North Pacific crane installation and commissioning. Sormec cranes commissioning Hong Kong Skypier crane commissioning carried out by Alatas Hong Kong
Alatas Latest News
ILO 152 renewal and certification
Inspections and ILO 152 certification
Crane cabin replacement
Crane cabin replacement and general repairs
Liebherr crane luffing cylinder repairs
Liebherr CBW crane luffing cylinder replacements
Crane control system
Ship crane control system replacement
Hose replacement
Hydraulic hose renewal on Liebherr offshore cranes
Crane bumper bars protect lattice boom crane from hook strikes
Crane bumper bars protect lattice crane booms
Dock crane
Critical Dock Crane slew bearing repairs
Hagglund crane
MacGreor Hagglunds Gl2524-2 slew bearing replacementl
MacGregor crane rope sheave changeout
MacGregor crane rope sheave changeout
Searex crane
Commissioning of 210 tons Searex Omnilift Offshore Crane
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