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ASEA cranes

Asea crane services

Alatas provides crane engineers and crane spare parts for ASEA cranes. Alatas crane engineers are trained in electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical crane repairs. Alatas provides crane engineers for ASEA cranes worldwide from our crane service stations in UK, USA, Panama, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Alatas Crane Engineers can repair ASEA Hagglunds cranes and carry out all types of ASEA ship crane and ASEA marine crane repairs including crane troubleshooting, voyage repairs, crane inspections and crane repairs worldwide - all aspects of ASEA crane care that are too complex to be handled by ship engineers and onboard personnel alone.

BLM crane parts and service



ASEA crane parts

Alatas supply ASEA crane parts. Original ASEA crane parts (OEM ASEA crane parts) or replacement ASEA crane parts can be provided. ASEA crane parts are sourced directly from the component suppliers, providing exactly the same parts as provided by the crane manufacturer.


ASEA crane parts available include:

ASEA Electrical parts
Cable, Joysticks, Limit switches, PCB cards, Potentiometers, Relays, Slip rings, Switches and all other ASEA electrical parts.

ASEA Mechanical parts
Bearings, Brakes, Brake bands, Gearbox parts, Hook blocks, Sheaves, Slew gears, Slewing bearings, Winch parts, Wire ropes and all other ASEA mechanical parts and ASEA Marine crane mechanical parts.

ASEA Hydraulic parts
Accumulators, Brake solenoid valves, Control valves, Gear pumps, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic filters, Hydraulic fittings, Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic motors, Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic rams, Monoblocks and all other ASEA hydraulic parts.

BLM crane parts
BLM crane parts
ASEA crane electrical parts
ASEA crane mechanical parts
BLM crane hydraulic parts
ASEA crane checks
ASEA cranes
ASEA crane
ASEA crane repairs
View from ASEA crane
ASEA crane fitted with grab
ASEA crane winch
ASEA crane inspection
ASEA cranes
ASEA hagglund cranes
ASEA crane elelctronic panel
ASEA Hagglund twin crane
Alatas Latest News
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Inspections and ILO 152 certification
Crane cabin replacement
Crane cabin replacement and general repairs
Liebherr crane luffing cylinder repairs
Liebherr CBW crane luffing cylinder replacements
Crane control system
Ship crane control system replacement
Hose replacement
Hydraulic hose renewal on Liebherr offshore cranes
Crane bumper bars protect lattice boom crane from hook strikes
Crane bumper bars protect lattice crane booms
Dock crane
Critical Dock Crane slew bearing repairs
Hagglund crane
MacGreor Hagglunds Gl2524-2 slew bearing replacementl
MacGregor crane rope sheave changeout
MacGregor crane rope sheave changeout
Searex crane
Commissioning of 210 tons Searex Omnilift Offshore Crane
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